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State-of-the-art technology and an integrated, cutting edge, design & developement centre at Aggu Labs, makes our dynamic manufacturing process, the best in class for placing limited numbers at mass manufacturing costs without a manufacturing plant.

MoUs with leading technical establishments, in the likes of MIT, BARC, Royal Academy of Engineering just makes it stronger.

What is Dynamic Manufacturing

Same production line But different products

Yes you read it right. Our Universal Frame Access Technology (UfAT) ® machines help us to make any given product in the same production line with no change in setting.

Right from a casing to a forged part or a chipset and its mould, be it anything in raw; we got it covered in the same line. Yup with these tweaks our distruptive innovation is changing the face of how a product is manufactured.

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Even small volume of products at mass manufacturing cost

No kidding. Since we operate on the same production line, irrespective of products we manufacture, volume of products doesn't affect us. So you get the lowest per product rate in the world, here at Dyma Works.

If you got the shivers, let us make it a challenge! "Lowest in the World"

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We are proud to be the Manufacturing Infrastrucutre of StartUp India - A Govt. of India DIPP Initiative.

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